Naturewell Pork

About Us

Unlike other pork, Naturewell® Natural* Pork maintains strict control for every step of production from raising and caring for the pigs to healthy pig diets to using advanced food safety practices and processes. These strict requirements ensure we deliver the consistent, high quality natural pork you need when serving your family. You can be confident we are committed to delivering on our stringent standards every time.

Wholesome Pork

Our pig farmers are dedicated to raising healthy pigs, so we can bring wholesome pork to you. They follow a total care plan designed to keep the pigs healthy. They are committed to caring for the pigs in a responsible, safe manner, but there are occasions when they need to use medications to control the spread of disease in the pig herds or to treat sick pigs. They do not use added growth hormones.** Whenever any medication is used on the farms, including antibiotics, it is immediately recorded. Knowing what medication was used, when and for how long lets the farmers know exactly how long they need to wait before the treated pig can go to market. Not only do they have tight controls on their farms, the processing plants have the ability to test for residues quickly before sending to the stores. All of this allows us to deliver wholesome, delicious pork to you.

Enriched, corn-based diet

The pigs raised for our pork receive a healthy diet made by the farms and balanced by professional nutritionists.

Source verification

Our sourced pork products can be traced back to farms through a source verification system.

Humane Handling

Naturewell’s source partner is committed to the proper in-plant handling and animal care prior to processing. On-going daily audits and training ensure proper animal treatment.

Meat Quality

Our natural pork is continually evaluated for meat quality attributes. Our proprietary plant process improves meat quality attributes like color, texture and moisture-holding for a better eating experience.

*Only minimally processed and no artificial ingredients **Federal regulations and Naturewell® Natural Pork do not allow the use of added growth hormones in pork production.